Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration


Nikki Schwanz  is someone who inspires me to do my best and helps me learn and grow.  She is a hard working woman who does not stop at anything until she has accomplished it. Nikki works for the city of O’Neill, Nebraska running operations for the city, writing the budget, watching over accountability funds, and she informs the public about obstacles. She grew up in California on Redondo Beach. She described her home in California as beautiful. She enjoyed the 70 degree weather and she said her house was located right by the beach where she could smell the salty breeze of the ocean.
When I asked her what she thought of as personal success she told me achieving her goals and watching her children grow up and watch them be successful in the goals they set. She became successful by always being focused. She was driven, set her goals, and was bound and determined to achieve goals she had set for herself. She said when it came to tough times and obstacles get in the way she prioritizes, plans it out, and she organizes  her time management of everything. She even described herself as a list maker.
When I asked Nikki to describe her life she said to me that her faith is grounded, its busy with work, children’s activities, and herds new married. Her marriage also keeps her on her toes with life in different cities. She is kept busy by what she loves most. Her relationship and faith with God is something that’s important to her, and adding to that her work, husband, family and the base of her life, her kids. Throughout her life she has learned to have faith when things get hard, and stressful and balancing her life, work, and activities. She doesn't feel like she's doing the best for all but she's doing the best that she can.
Nikki remembers the birth of her twin sons Blake and Grant. She was on bed rest for a month. Nikki was very concerned about the prematurity of her babies and their health. Over all it was a difficult pregnancy. Nikki wouldn't want to change her life. She has gone throughout so much adversity and her life wouldn't be the same as it is now, and she is grateful for that. She is most proud of her sons and being their mom, she is also proud to witness them growing up.

This wonderful person inspires me and many others, she is practically like a second mother. I admire her strong faith with God and the bond with the family she has. I also know she loves her family and has worked hard to get what she wants. Sure she had some problems along the way to success but with help and her own strength she over came those difficulties. Whenever I have a question she helps me with it and gives all the guidance she can to help me decided what to do or just give me her thoughts. I could go on and on but we don’t have that much time so this is why Nikki Schwanz inspires me.

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