Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Confident, Beautiful, Strong
smiling with happiness
Always has on a STRONG CONFIDENT smile
Be who YOU are NOT someone else


Softball is my passion and not just any sport to me
Outs, strikes, and home runs are what its about for me
Fierce relentless girls with bumps, scrapes, and bruises to show off
Team working together as one
Bonding with different people
A competitive sport
Love for getting down and dirty and not being afraid
Loving this sport will bring me to my path

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Confidence is something you need to accomplish your goals. If you don’t believe in yourself what will you accomplish? I believe that you need confidence in yourself to complete what you put your mind to. This is true when in “The Blind Sight” the blind children needed to believe in themselves so that they could climb as high as they did. When they had confidence in themselves they accomplished many things other than climbing a mountain. This is also true in my life because if I wanted to shoot a deer during deer season I would need to believe that I could take one down by myself. This is why I think confidence is something you need to complete what you believe you can do when you trust you can do it.
Photo Credits go to my Dad

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

American Freedom

“Bang, Bang,” the shots ring out tauntingly. Have you ever heard the 21 gun solute and thought about what it means today? It means someone has died and sacrificed their life so we could be free to express ourselves and have our rights. I have experienced this sorrow first hand because my cousin died for me. Today you will learn what freedom means to me and my connection to it, what the symbols of freedom are and why we have freedom and always will, and what some of our privileges are and what freedom is.

The definition of freedom to me is being free to express yourself in every way. Soldiers offer their lives every day so we can be free and live in the country that we should be so grateful to be living in today. I have a personal connection to freedom because my family has been in branches of the military. My cousin, Tyler, was in the Army and was a specialist that died at age 21 in a car crash. My other cousin, Tim, is in the National Guard. And my grandpa was in the Army and was in Vietnam making roads for the defense line to travel on. I am thankful that none of them that are living got hurt during their service but it means so much that they would be prone to dying so I may go on with living my life.

The flag, the red, white, and the blue, the bald eagle, Lady Liberty, the bill of rights, and the branches of our military stands for my freedom and what I think of when I think of our country and these are the symbols that so proudly represent the  the land of the free and the home of the brave. The past wars like Vietnam and The World Wars I and II, are the ways that helped our country be free .Exercising our rights and freedoms today is a way that we show we are grateful the troops that have been fighting for us in the past, present, and when they will be in the future. Making other nations become free is a dream that many Americans have that will lead to world peace among everyone. We know that no matter what our country will always want to help those in need wether it be our country in war or it be helping another nation that needs food or anything else.

Our freedoms like baring arms, freedom of speech, free from slavery, and freedom of religion are ways that we voice our rights that our troops have fought for. I think these are important because we are completely free to access the benefits that we have been accustomed to. Peace is found in sacrifice, means that when our troops that are deployed or wherever they may be are sacrificing their lives so we could practice what we believe. We are one nation under God and a home that speaks of peace so we may eventually bring that to everyone around us.

Today you have learned about what freedom means to me and my connection to it, what the symbols of freedom are and why we have freedom and always will, and what some of our freedoms are and what freedom is.I do not think we realize it until we really think about it. We are really lucky to be in a country that gives us total freedom over our own lives instead of having a dictator that makes life miserable for everyone, and that we get a choice in who leads our country. Freedom is not  free there is  a price to be paid in flesh and blood just so we may be free.