Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nebraska List Poem

Nebraska List Poem

filled with mazes of corn 
home to the colleges of the University of Nebraska Lincoln
Corn huskers proudly represent our state
the flat land flourishes with lush pastures
dotted with cattle
wild life that runs free across the rough land
the sweet flower scented air
this is what I love about

Monday, December 8, 2014

Plains of Nebraska


where the animals run wild and free
the sweet breezes that tickle the treetops
the bright colors of flowers with bumbling bees working hard
the specks of orange floating around the land in the fall
all of the bunches of glitter bright corn
many cattle that look like specks of dust from the sky
with all of the breathe taking sights that make you proud of where you live
this is my life
a Nebraskan's way of life on the plains

Friday, December 5, 2014

My FREE Choice Poem

her last dying breathe was that of a whisper
her words following as a river
she was calm for she knew she would be somewhere better
she thought she was so blessed in all her splendor

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Metaphor extended poem


life is HUNTING
lift takes PATIENTS to get right
dodge the troubles that come at you like ARROWS
being TRANQUIL in a situation can help you solve it
LISTENING  to others' ideas and opinions can open up you perspective
you will spend time WAITING for your moment like waiting for your prey
take TIME to enjoy life while you are living it now

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fridge Poem

Don’t Give Up

if your not INTERESTED or CURIOUS in
FOLLOW your HEART and YOUR intuition
NEVER give up on your DREAMS
CAPTURE what you looking for in life

And DON’T QUIT what you really want

5 Senses Poem


The rush of terror shocking your unsuspecting
body like a lightning bolt under the heat weighing 
you down like a paper weight
Smelling like he layered powdery earth
A swirling trap of death that pulls at you with 
a urgent, wanting force
They sound like a scream of terror that is stricken
into a poor, unsuspecting soul
A taste of bitter scornful fear that anyone can overcome

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Confident, Beautiful, Strong
smiling with happiness
Always has on a STRONG CONFIDENT smile
Be who YOU are NOT someone else


Softball is my passion and not just any sport to me
Outs, strikes, and home runs are what its about for me
Fierce relentless girls with bumps, scrapes, and bruises to show off
Team working together as one
Bonding with different people
A competitive sport
Love for getting down and dirty and not being afraid
Loving this sport will bring me to my path

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Confidence is something you need to accomplish your goals. If you don’t believe in yourself what will you accomplish? I believe that you need confidence in yourself to complete what you put your mind to. This is true when in “The Blind Sight” the blind children needed to believe in themselves so that they could climb as high as they did. When they had confidence in themselves they accomplished many things other than climbing a mountain. This is also true in my life because if I wanted to shoot a deer during deer season I would need to believe that I could take one down by myself. This is why I think confidence is something you need to complete what you believe you can do when you trust you can do it.
Photo Credits go to my Dad

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

American Freedom

“Bang, Bang,” the shots ring out tauntingly. Have you ever heard the 21 gun solute and thought about what it means today? It means someone has died and sacrificed their life so we could be free to express ourselves and have our rights. I have experienced this sorrow first hand because my cousin died for me. Today you will learn what freedom means to me and my connection to it, what the symbols of freedom are and why we have freedom and always will, and what some of our privileges are and what freedom is.

The definition of freedom to me is being free to express yourself in every way. Soldiers offer their lives every day so we can be free and live in the country that we should be so grateful to be living in today. I have a personal connection to freedom because my family has been in branches of the military. My cousin, Tyler, was in the Army and was a specialist that died at age 21 in a car crash. My other cousin, Tim, is in the National Guard. And my grandpa was in the Army and was in Vietnam making roads for the defense line to travel on. I am thankful that none of them that are living got hurt during their service but it means so much that they would be prone to dying so I may go on with living my life.

The flag, the red, white, and the blue, the bald eagle, Lady Liberty, the bill of rights, and the branches of our military stands for my freedom and what I think of when I think of our country and these are the symbols that so proudly represent the  the land of the free and the home of the brave. The past wars like Vietnam and The World Wars I and II, are the ways that helped our country be free .Exercising our rights and freedoms today is a way that we show we are grateful the troops that have been fighting for us in the past, present, and when they will be in the future. Making other nations become free is a dream that many Americans have that will lead to world peace among everyone. We know that no matter what our country will always want to help those in need wether it be our country in war or it be helping another nation that needs food or anything else.

Our freedoms like baring arms, freedom of speech, free from slavery, and freedom of religion are ways that we voice our rights that our troops have fought for. I think these are important because we are completely free to access the benefits that we have been accustomed to. Peace is found in sacrifice, means that when our troops that are deployed or wherever they may be are sacrificing their lives so we could practice what we believe. We are one nation under God and a home that speaks of peace so we may eventually bring that to everyone around us.

Today you have learned about what freedom means to me and my connection to it, what the symbols of freedom are and why we have freedom and always will, and what some of our freedoms are and what freedom is.I do not think we realize it until we really think about it. We are really lucky to be in a country that gives us total freedom over our own lives instead of having a dictator that makes life miserable for everyone, and that we get a choice in who leads our country. Freedom is not  free there is  a price to be paid in flesh and blood just so we may be free.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Have you ever walked through the halls of OHS and felt a mysterious breeze or a sudden force pushing on you? Well one day I was walking and I didn't know the legend of Benny Bailer. Benny Bailer was a sophomore at OHS who wasn't liked by his teachers, and because of that they gave him F’s. Which wouldn’t be enough to get him to his junior year so he wouldn’t have graduated after all of his friends. Later that year he died in a dodgeball game where all the balls were pelted at his intelligent head, this lead to his death.
When I saw Benny he was this opaque figure with red gelled and spiked hair with sparkling blue eyes, torn jeans, and a shirt that changed with his mood. He had this long skinny nose with a muscular build, and a ratty old ball cap. I had apparently jostled into him which he didn't like at all. He held me down and gave me a nudgey that burned like a raging fire, that had started on the top of my head, and when it was over he walked away chuckling mischeiviously. Later that day when I had homework that I hadn't finished, my paper suddenly had words that would show up on the page. Thats when I felt this light breeze and I knew Benny was there. Why was he abruptly helping me when I bumped into him? After class I learned about the legend of Benny Bailer from an anonymous source.
The next day when I showed up to band and everyone blew on their horns, whipped cream came out of the end. Even when I opened my locker silly string sprang out of it with confetti and a happy birthday sign popping out. And the funny thing is this mischievous, helpful, and funny ghost was kind of like my friend since I didn't have any considering I had just moved here. 

Later after lunch I went up to the P.E. storage room above the stage, where Benny usually hangs out. I went in and called for him, I knew he was there when the scent of  Stetson Cologne was in the air. “He appeared to me and asked what did you get on that paper?” I declared to him proudly that I got and A and thanks for the help. “ Do you know why I helped you today?” he asked curiously. “No why’d you do it?” “ Because I want you to graduate high-school and live a long adventurous life,”  “Benny your the only real friend I’ve ever had,” I said greatfully. This is how I made my first friend at O’Neill High School.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Adverb Poem

The Adverb Poem

Black cats
Black cats bring, sneakily
Black cats bring, sneakily, creepily
Black cats bring, sneakily, creepily, gently
Black cats bring, sneakily, creepily, gently, astonishingly
Black cats bring bad luck, sneakily, creepily, gently astonishingly during the late moon lit night.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

Hogwarts Halloween Feast

As Harry, Hermoine, and Ron entered the tremendous Banquet Hall they smelled all the delicious grub at once, which made it even better than smelling each individual food one. As they looked around the room they could see orange and black streamers hanging fromm every crevasse and every wall. When they looked up they could see bats having from the jack-o-lanterns that were lit with a candle which flickered in the light breeze. When they looked past the pumpkins they could see a dazzling sky filed with millions of glittery stars that left behind sparkling star dust. The flags above each table were decorated with their symbols and Halloween decor, to show spirit.

When the three housemates sat down at the coarse table that was piled high with all sorts of scrumptious food, Harry and his friends stuffed their faces with an assortment of foods. Everyone was filling their mouths with moist chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, appetizing gravy, steaming corn, juicy ham, chilling to the bone ice cream, delectable ice cream pie, grainy and tart apple tarts, in that adding the pungent vegetables that were flash steamed. Ron, was so astounded at all the marvelous foods that were there. This is beyond what the three friends could have ever conjured.

After eating all the decadent cuisine all of the houses went outside to play some games that would be counted for house points. The first game they played, which was dodgeball,  was worth 100 points so were the 2nd and 3rd, these points were awarded to the winning house. It was the final game Slytherin vs. Gryffindor. It was all up to Hermione. She threw the last ball which hit the last player on the Slytherin team, which was Draco. The next game, Quidditch, was a game that Gryffindor won which was worth 150 points. This gives the Gryffindor House 450 points. When all of the pupils were about to go in a skeleton under a mystical spell meandered around throwing candy to everyone. Harry, Hermoine, and Ron thought this was a great end to the Hogwarts Halloween Feast.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Little Bo-Peep

Little Bo-peep has obliterately misplaced her sheep,
And can't tell
sight to find them;
Leave them
unaccompanied, and they'll come home,
And bring their tails
trailing them.
Little Bo-peep fluttered agiley asleep,
fantasized she heard them blurting;
But when she
was roused, she endowed it an amusing joke,
For they were still
bashfully afiliating.

Then up she collected her meager crook,
regulated for to discover them;
identified them indeed, but it contrived her to vicious cold heart bleed,
For they'd
abandoned all their wee tails abaft them.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I am

Three things I learned during this project were... that I have many talents and I do things different than someone else would do them, this is what makes me... me. I also learned how to use iMovie. This included dragging pictures and videos in and how to do some other stuff to make my movie better. I also learned how to use Quick Time Screen Recorder which consisted of searching it in the spotlight, opening it, and clicking the record button when I start and when I finish. This is what I learned doing this project in English class this week.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Happy Dot Day everyone. Dot day ,to me, means everyone expressing their individuality. Everyone is unique in their own way and they express their creative feeling and passions on paper. Today is a day that you can draw anything you want. When you draw you need to know that you are a good artist no matter what.  No matter what you draw or what you become be confident in your self and what you do. When you do something do it to your full ability because thats whats going to define you. Happy Dot Day!!!!!!;~}

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Kindergarten Miracle

The Kindergarten Miracle

“I’ll be back at 1:30,” said my mom as I wailed on and on. It was finally the very first day that I had to go to school. All I could think about was my mom leaving me solitary that day. I was so terrified of leaving my mom that morning. This first day of kindergarten wasn’t starting out to well.
That first day was rough. I was terrified to leave my mother’s side because, I was so attached and loved my mom. So much so that I didn’t want to be left alone at school. I remember thinking that I just didn’t want her to go and that I yearned for her to stay with me all day. Mrs. Johnston was trying to calm me down the best she could, but nothing was working. My mom finally just left and they pulled me away to start off the warm morning.
Everyone really tried to solve the problem. My mom even tried to douse perfume on my wrist. Luckily it worked but it didn’t solve the fact that I almost cried when I thought about her at school and how she wasn’t with me. We needed to try something else to get her off my mind. One day something took place that would change my life forever.
One day after my mom had picked me up from kindergarten my soon to be best friend, Taya, felt sorry for me that I was missing my mom during school. I even asked my mom how she knew. She said that Taya’s mom had called her and told her. The next day at  the school I started to play with  Taya at recess, sit at the same table, eat lunch together, and play things together at play time.
That one little thing has impacted my life and changed it forever. I learned a very important thing. I learned that if I put myself out there that I would gain more friends and not be afraid to try new things and leave my mom’s side. If I don’t pull away and do something different I’ll never be a unique individual. It was a Miracle that I found someone who understands me and accepts who I am. To this day Taya and I are still best friends forever. This is the day at school I’ll never forget as long as I live.

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Bedroom Story

My Bedroom Story

Here is my room from my perspective and my room will tell you who I am. My purple spotted bedroom is my design and showcases my character and memories that I have. In my closet I have a box that holds a special blanket that is ripped, but very soft. My mom told me when I was little that I stole this blanket from my older sister Sidney, and it has horses on it. On top of my stereo I have a jewelry box that I got from my Aunt and Uncle Sanderson. It has angels on it and it is silver with other creative, unique, and beautiful designs. Then I have my stereo which sits on my dresser. I got this black and silver stereo from my parents for Christmas as a gift.

High up on the wall I have a little shelf with a spot where a heart should be, but the heart is carved out. This shelf was there when I had my bunk bed moved over by it. I used to put all kinds of stuff on that minuscule shelf when I was little. In the corner of my room I have my white dresser. This dresser was a hand me down from when my dad was a little boy. This holds my jewelry box, stereo, and my clothes. I also have twinkle lights from when I was little, on the wall near my bed. These were there from the time my dad and grandma rearranged my room and painted it. I have this china cabinet on the wall in my room which has wee dishes and other mementos from my childhood. This china cabinet was also my sister Sidney’s when she was in this room with me. What is a bummer about my room is I have to share it with my little sister, Rylee. By Rylee’s dresser there is a bench that is old, and has a blue/green cushion. All though I don’t know where it came from its very near and dear to me. My room is special and unique in its own way because I am different from other people and I like different things. Here is my room.